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Pre-Foreclosure Homes Investment Opportunities

4-Closur.com is always looking for qualified investors to participate in the various opportunities in the pre-foreclosure market. As a member of our Real Estate Investing network, you will have access to a wide variety of pre-foreclosure resources and information:

Obtain up to the day pre-foreclosure listings before the properties are published anywhere else.

  1. Receive pre-foreclosure listings by Fax, Email or Regular Mail.
  2. Capitalize on property that someone else is losing by buying it before they lose it to the institution foreclosing against them.
  3. Receive information months before the properties are auctioned off for cash.
  1. Seller also benefits by selling the property before he or she loses it and negatively affects their credit rating.
  2. Seller can pay for closing costs and down payment for the buyer if there is enough equity on the propery or Quit Claim Deed, with the plaintiff's approval.
  3. You can receive financial advise through out agents on Real Estate, Life Insurance Coverage, Investing and all related services.
  4. Make lots of money with little, if any, capital, using Other People's Money (O.P.M) or by negotiating with the defendant (seller) and plaintiff (bank).
  5. Contact the seller and buy the property from them before anyone else knows about the information.
  6. Users will have a discount on listings if they buy several months at a time on foreclosure-homes.com
  7. Users will have 24 hour access from anywhere in the world pending foreclosure properties.

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